Balancing Work And Family Time

I work from home, so to help keep a balance between work and family responsibilities, I developed a schedule of what hours I needed to devote to work and what hours are devoted to spending time with my children. This schedule helps me stay on track.
If I need to, I hire someone to help with household tasks or to help with my children. Having a pre-planned schedule keeps me more accountable. I do not want my work to interfere with my family time. I set aside some time in the morning to get my children off to school and to do a few household chores.

My time from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm is dedicated to my work. At 3:00 when my children get home from school, this time is set aside for helping with their homework and learning about their day. After that it is time for dinner and spending time with my spouse. Interruptions will come along so you minimize as much as you can.

I try to go with the flow and make-up work on the evenings, or weekends. Sometimes I hire someone to help, but oftentimes my children will help me catch-up with my work by stuffing envelopes, etc. We look at this as a team effort.

For 12 years I've worked from my home, so I have to balance where work time ends and family time begins. It is so important to set boundaries and having a schedule helps me balance everything out.