Encouraging Readers In The Family

There were 5 children in our family and at some point we noticed that they were watching TV much more than they should, so we came up with the idea that reading would be an incentive for watching TV.

We allowed the children to establish their own reading bank. They could read in 15-minute lots, which equaled one unit. Then they could spend that same amount of time watching TV.

They could trade in so many hours of reading for the same amount of television viewing. So if they had 3 hours of reading during the week, then they could have 3 hours of TV. If they had many hours of reading time accumulated, they could “bank” it and then trade some of this time for TV viewing at a later time.

It worked out quite well with the children and there wasn’t much resistance. We kept this going for about 3 years and my wife and I and the children felt it was a successful plan.