Making Reading Exciting

My 6-year-old daughter used to get very frustrated when learning how to read. She was fine as long as she was reading simple words, but once the words got harder, she would give up very easily.
So to make a game out of it, on her birthdays and holidays I place post-it notes all over the house using words that I know she can read. Each post-it note would direct her to the next one, which contain clues as to where the next note was hidden. At the end of the notes would be a surprise, for example her birthday present, or an Easter basket or whatever the occasion.

She really enjoyed doing all the reading by herself and got really excited about it. We have expanded this to include my husband's birthday and my four-year-old son's birthday.

They let her read the notes and she'll tell them where to look for their next clue. Sometimes she writes the notes by herself. Now she is learning how to read and write!