Making School Routines Manageable

My son wanted to buy lunch at school everyday as opposed to taking a bag lunch from home. So we came up with a solution by giving him $12.50 each Monday, which would allow him to buy lunch at school for the week. It is his decision whether he wants to buy the lunch at school or take lunch from home -- and then keep the money for himself. Most of the time he takes a nutritious lunch from home and saves the money for himself, as sort of an allowance.

We also do not allow our children to watch television during the week. It is actually turned off from Monday through Friday. They can turn it on Friday afternoon when all the homework is finished. Then they can watch it until bedtime Sunday night. It really works well for them, although they hated it at first. Now, they're proud of it and how much time they actually save by not watching television during the week.
We also make it a policy that during the week, all homework has to be finished before any child can participate in sports, playtime, etc.