Exercise Routine with Baby

Since I live overseas and it is hard to find a babysitter, I have not been able to get back to the gym. So I had to devise my own exercise routine.

While my son is playing on his palette on the floor, I have been doing some muscle-toning exercises on my mat beside him. As I do sit-ups, he holds onto my leg and laughs. When he gets bored, I start counting out loud and he loves it. I count in English or Italian and when I get to 50 or "cinquanta", I stop and give him a kiss. So it holds his attention because he knows something good is coming.

We are now up to 300 or "trecento" sit-ups a day. We also get exercise by walking to the grocery store and back. We have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea and it's all downhill to the grocery store and all uphill back to our house, so it's good exercise for momma.