Making Homework Routines Manageable

My son, Robert, is an early bird. He gets up with me every morning at 6:00. The impact of that is that he is too tired to do his homework after 6:00 p.m. after dinner. Because he is an athlete, he spends a lot of time outdoors and the struggles do get his homework done after dinner because he is so tired.

We found the solution for him was to do his homework in the morning between 7:00 and 8:00 before he goes to school and that works out great. I get up with him and we have the father-son breakfast and then we do the homework in our living room.

One side effect is that we have some good quality time together, but primarily it is good for his homework. He has a clear mind, he is focused, he is receptive at that time and I think he is more productive as well. He is in a good mood and he is prepared for school. He's warmed-up.

We have seen his grades going up because of this and our family life has become a lot more calmer because we are not fighting about homework anymore in the evenings. When you are not tired anymore, then learning is fun!