Books On Tape

We take a lot of long car trips to visit relatives in other states, so years ago when my son was just an infant I started using books on tapes. We have found that they help him with school. They have introduced him to classic books and I think they have made him a better student in school because he has developed skills of listening and auditory memory.
I found many of these books at bookstores and also I downloaded books from, as they have a children's section. When I couldn't find anymore appropriate books for his age group, I started making tapes and that's when things got really interesting. For instance, I read some of his favorite books and record as I read.

Once I had discovered that I could make tapes, another important thing I did was to help him with school. I would read a chapter from his Science Book or whatever he might be having a problem with at the time and he would listen with interest. Of course having it on tape, he could replay it over and over, which is important to learning.

This has worked out well for us. It has been good for family conversations and we have favorites for specific holidays and we listen to some books over and over again. This has made my son a much better student.