Parents Aid Kit For Travel

We used to commute about 1.5 hours each way to and from work and with 3 small kids in the car that became really draining for everyone. I invented the "Parents Aid Kit" which is a first aid kit for parents.
I started recognizing that the areas that were creating problems for us as far as the kids were concerned were: hunger; thirst and boredom, so I tried to address those three needs by putting a plastic file box in the trunk of the car. I made sure there were clean sippy cups in there; a few pre-packed juices and water selections; some small snacks like granola bars; books that are kept only in the car; and one other thing that my kids love - a little lap-size Etch-a-Sketch that is great for them to draw what they see along the way.

The most helpful things were the educational cassettes and CDs that I put in there. We were motivated in our family to learn more about the French language, as my husband speaks French so I went to Amazon on the Internet and found out that there were tons of educational materials available online and I ordered several CDs that had lots of fun songs. So the kids are actually learning French, but in a fun way.

The key to the effectiveness of the kit is that the items contained in it are used only in the car. This has helped to make our commute time educational and fun!