Are We There Yet?

When my children were 10 and 7 years old, we used to travel a lot. My husband came up with a wonderful idea to cut down on the kids' whininess.
Usually where we would stop to camp or stay in a hotel there would be game rooms. The kids were always begging us for money to play the games so my husband decided to take a roll of quarters and gave each child a roll.

When they got whiny on the trip and started asking "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer?" they would have to pay their dad a quarter. So they would lose a quarter every time they got whiny and thus have less money for the game room.

They had maps of where we were going and because they were whining less (due to losing their quarters) they began getting interested in where their destination was and how many miles until they reached their destination. They got to see a lot of the country and they realized where they were. So they both learned the great survival skill of "map reading" without being pre-occupied with whining.