Son's Travel Journal

This summer my son and I took a big trip to the east coast and then to Italy to visit family and friends and I knew we would be having "once in a lifetime adventures" so I started keeping a journal with him. I would write down what he told me and sometimes I would hand it over to him and he would start drawing pictures.
He was seeing people living in all kinds of different ways. We were in the big city and he saw what that was like. We were in the country, he saw people living in the country. I think it was very important for him to see that people spend their days living in different ways. Now we have the details of those visits in a journal. It was fun and entertaining and great diversion for us while we were doing it. Maybe we'd be on a long train trip or plane ride or just having a slow afternoon and we'd sit down to write or read what we had already written.

Another great diversion when you're traveling and in a new place, is to visit the children' room at the public library. This has been great when he's tired and fussy because the library is familiar to him. The children's room is soothing with the small furniture and there are books that he recognizes and new books for him to enjoy. There are kids in the children's room of public libraries so it's been another great way for him to interact with a new place and for both of us to meet people from that town who often have great tips for other places to go on our visit.