Making A Treasure Bag For Family Travel

The treasure bag is something that parents can put together for their children, particularly for a long car or plane trip. Contrary to popular belief, electronic games are not the only thing you can do with your children on long trips.
Before departing, you can purchase or make several car games, purchase some books, or think about other travel activities. Then you cut several slips of paper and write "treasure hints" about each item or activity on a slip of paper.

For example, you can have something that says "present this slip at the nearest gas stop and you may buy a __________." (Fill it in with lollipop, or soda pop, etc.) Another hint would be "there are 52 of me, and if you figure this out, you are a real joker"….a new deck of cards for them to play a game with each other in the back seat. Or something like "I'm red, green and purple all over, and mark my words, I rub off." Then you can hand them a new set of markers.

These are just little things. I'm not advocating going out and purchasing all sorts of things, but even going to a bookstore and buying some paperback books would be wonderful. This is just a little variation of a scavenger hunt, but they're a captive audience and they are so delighted about any surprise.

Some things that you are thinking about buying for them anyway for that vacation, such as a new pair of sunglasses, you can use as one of the hints and give it to them along the way which makes it so much more exciting as opposed to handing them over a bunch of new things to pack into their suitcase.

With just a little bit of pre-planning, the kids also get a surprise along the way and it keeps them very engaged in the trip. Or you can get some books about your destination and they can read about it along the way so they can be better prepared when they get there!