Suitcase Travel Tips

Ever since my son was very small, we've taken a lot of big trips together. Recently, we began going through a transition where my son traveled without his stroller.
In addition to being able to walk through airports, he's been interested in helping me pull my suitcase on wheels. This became quite a struggle for him, so I came up with a new idea: I got him his own small suitcase on wheels. My first thought was that this would just be a great diversion, but then I realized it would be really useful and actually an important transition for him and for us.

His small suitcase is made to look like a car with racing stripes on it, but it is light-weight, can be pulled on wheels, and it's also a backpack. His clothes, shoes, etc will actually be packed in my suitcase and will be my responsible.

His suitcase will contain his toys, as well as a change of clothes and some paperback books, a portable checker board, a deck of cards, and our travel journal which we continuously add to during our trips. This will not only take a little weight out of my own suitcase which will help, but more importantly he is beginning to assume some responsibility for his own travel.

He is very excited about the suitcase and this has become a right of passage for my son. We are now traveling companions!