Nieces And Nephews Letters

I believe it's important for extended family members to stay in touch even when they live a long distance away. I think it is the responsibility of the aunt, grandmother, even the parent to initiate and establish a relationship with each child in the family.

What I like to do is to send my nieces and nephews letters, because some of them live quite far away, and I tend to enclose a self-address stamped envelope. It's just a little nudge that gives them the feeling that writing back to their aunt is going to be something that is easy to do.

I receive a wide range of correspondence from them. I get pictures and a lot of funny stories. They don't just talk about the grades that they're getting in school, which I like because the parents need to get that information. They love receiving anything in the mail from me. These are great keepsakes that I accumulate from them.