Air Travel with Kids

Traveling with a toddler isn't hard -- it just requires some planning. I make sure I have fun things for her to do, as well as food that's easy to carry and to eat. 

Bring more than you think you'll ever need -- because they get hungry -- and emergency materials. Toddlers don't really like airport food, so I bring Cheerios and raisins. Also, moms and dads like to eat when they get hungry!

I try to bring toys or books that the child can only have access to on the plane. The idea is to have it small but new so that they only have these items when they are on the plane. 

When traveling with babies, some tips I have are to have twice as many diapers that you think you'll need, tons of baby wipes, a complete change of clothes, a receiving blanket, and a cloth diaper. I also bring 1 gallon zip-lock bags to hold dirty things. 

Also, don't forget to gate-check the stroller, and travel at times that work for your child.