Cooking With Kids

I have a son who is in 1st grade. When he comes home from school, unlike the other children, he is full of energy and ready to keep going strong! He wants a lot of activity, so we found it was best if we planned a cooking time with just him.
Now, when he comes home he starts cooking what he has previously chosen to make. It has been a great success in several ways. He gets to do an activity that puts his energy to work so he's not frustrated. Also he has learned that he loves to cook and takes great pride in everything he makes.

He loves giving these homemade foods to other people for dinner or desert that night. I am close at hand watching to make sure he's safe and give him the guidelines in the kitchen, but he does most of the food preparation and cooking himself.

Besides muffins, he has made macaroni and cheese, stir fry dishes, pasta salads, pizzas and he loves to make deserts. It has been a fun way to use that time and energy.