Birthday Notes

I wanted to start a tradition in our family of celebrating our lives in all the ways that we are blessed. One of the things I did was to create a way to let a family member know how much they mean to us and how the small things they do for us, do in fact matter. (We seem to always focus on the things we've done wrong in our life, but it's nice to know when a person does something right.)
So on a family member's birthday, we sit down together when the birthday person is away and write notes, to the person whose birthday it is. Some notes might have accompanying pictures also. In these notes we write how we feel about the birthday person. The children get so excited because they write what's in their hearts. They come up with some remarkable things. Once we write the cards, we make an envelope out of cardstock with cutouts like butterflies and hearts and fancy lettering.

The very first time we did this, it was my husband's birthday and he didn't know anything about what we were doing. Once the cards were all written, we slipped them into his briefcase and he didn't discover them until he got to work. He opened them at his office and went from howling with laughter to being reduced to tears by some of the things the children wrote.

These will be fabulous keepsakes as the children get older and leave home.