Morning Routine for Toddlers

My tip is directed to people who haven't had a daycare, caretaking or school routine and are about to start one. What I have discovered is if you do everything you possibly can the night before, you are much better off the following morning. For example: bathing, making lunch for the next day, thinking about breakfast foods, putting their clothes out, loading your car and making sure their bags are packed with everything they need.

When the child is in bed it is much easier to pack the car as opposed to juggling everything in the morning. Once your child reaches the age where they are starting to develop and assert their will and perhaps don't really feel like getting out of the door the first thing in the morning when they need to, it probably really helps not to ever turn on the television or bring toys or books out in the morning.

I found that if they get involved in any kind of project or watching something on TV, then you have a second battle, not only trying to convince them to leave, but trying to convince them to stop what they're doing so they can leave. On mornings when I haven't prepared the night before, it has cost me an extra hour getting out of the door. The same rule that applies to your toddler should apply to you also, getting yourself ready as much as possible the night before.

Another tip that's really helpful if you are putting your child in a daycare, try to find a place that provides breakfast or breakfast and lunch. That's an excellent benefit!