Motivating Kids To Do Chores

When my brother and I were around 10 years old, we moaned and groaned about having to do daily chores. We respected our parents but chores were not a priority for us. Since this was something that my mom wanted done, she attended an evening class about motivating your children to do chores.
At that meeting, they handed out little pictures to be colored of various places in the house that were already clean. For example a clean bathroom, a clean living room and kitchen, a vacuum cleaner or a laundry basket and various things that would indicate what chore to do and how it should look when completed. So she took this handout, brought it home, and encouraged us to color it, which we did. It was really fun and she laminated and cut them.

My father made a wall hanging with two nails on it and set up the top row with chores that were assigned to us. As we finished the chores, we would come back and take the top picture off and put it on the bottom nail. Mom would assign different chores, which were rotated between my brother and myself. I remember running downstairs on Saturdays and getting my cards and comparing them with my brother's to see which chores I had and which ones he had and we became quite competitive trying to see who could get their cards done first.

We had a great sense of accomplishment when we finished our chores. It also fostered some creativity in coloring. It created a nice family unification for us. My mom still has these pictures to this day and hopefully she will let me have them so I can do this for my children!