Helping Kids Remember Instructions

I found that if my kids thought I wanted them to practice some kind of new skill, they would just tune me out. So I try to turn things into a game where they don't even realize that they are learning. We started this particular game as a way for my young children to be able to remember simple three-step instructions.
We asked the kids to do three silly things and they had to remember the correct sequence and do them. They had so much fun with this that it evolved into a real fun game we do every Monday night before bed and we call it "judge".

We all start in the kids' bedroom and each one of us takes a turn being "judge". That person will give the others three silly things to do around the house. For example, we would say, "First you have to walk around the coffee table backwards; second you have to get a pair of socks and wear them on your hands or put underwear on your head, and third you have to go to the playroom and make up a song about your favorite color."

They have to do these in the right sequence, and in this way they have to remember what they're supposed to do first, second and third. It gets a little messed up sometimes, but they have fun doing it.

The first person to complete the three things returns to the bedroom and that person is the next "judge", who then makes up the next three silly activities. Of course we make sure everyone gets a turn. They don't let us forget that every Monday is the time for this family game.

I found three positives that came out of this game. First, they get a kick out of the whole family being silly together. Second, when the kids are the judges, they do enjoy being the one directing the rest of the family like setting the rules. Third, it helps to enhance their memory and their creativity skills without them even knowing it.