Encouraging Reading

Encouraging Reading
Since the time that my child was born, I read her a story. She was two hours old when I read to her for the first time. It has been a ritual at our home every night to read.
As she grew older I would put up signs all over the house with just one word. For example "Chair", "Door"," Refrigerator", "Light" etc. Things her eyes could recognize. By the age of 3, she was picking out letters and identifying them. As I read to her, my finger would follow along with the words. Soon her finger would sit on top of mine and follow along. It was a sharing and caring time. The touching and the hugging while we did it made it a pleasure for her.

Once she started actually reading, we made books. She would pick words and pictures and we would put them together and staple the end of it and she would read her book. She was getting picture recognition with the whole word recognition. She would walk around and say "I Can Read".

We probably made about 100 books over a three-year period. The first ones were three and four pages long. They were called "My Book" and they were signed by her, Morgan.

Her love of reading has continued for her. When she was in kindergarten she was reading on the 4th grade level. This year as a 6th grader, she is reading on the 12th grade level.

She just is so much into reading because there was so much initial positive feedback for her learning it. She got lots of incentives; stickers, rewards like let's go to the store and buy a new book. In fact, we always had "New Book Day" on the 17th of every month, because she was born on the 17th!