Manners For Young Children

Manners For Young Children
Having a 2 year old son, the main manners I try to instill in him is "please" and "thank you". I am also trying to teach him to say "I would like" instead of "I want", especially when he forgets to say "please".
This is very doable, but very exhausting. It requires constant attention and consistency, but I am convinced that this will pay-off in the long term. I can already see results as other adults have told me that my son has good manners and says "thank you" when given something.

I think manners are important to get along in today's society at any age. It is important to me that my child and I have mutual respect for each other. I try to keep him on track by using verbal praise and I will hug him for his good manners, and I think this helps him to remember to use good manners.

My husband and I have informed our parents and our regular babysitter about our "good manners" policy so that everyone is on the same page and they reinforce this consistent message to our son. Since children learn from example, I make sure that I always use good manners, almost to the point where it's over the top.

On occasions when he forgets, I say to him "I can't hear you when you don't use your manners."