Routines For Autistic Children

Routines For Autistic Children

IHere is a tip that might be helpful for setting the stage for success for autistic children. One thing that works best for our son is creating a form of social stories. It is a technique to summarize the activity or event that is about to happen from beginning, middle and end for the child.

We tell him how he might feel during it, and if he is not sure he wants to participate, we outline what the reward might be at the end. This gives him something to hang on to when the activity begins. We do this for new situations like holiday dinners, parties, etc.

We make little booklets with photos to show him who is going to be there, what he's going to eat, etc. Anything that might be difficult for him we put in the story so he can see it and know what to expect. This gives him a real sense of comfort. He can read it again and again which is comforting for any child, but children with autism need repetition.

He gets comfort and gets calm and we feel confident that it will work out. It's like a rehearsal for an event. It tells the child how you're going to end the activity. Then you have to live up to it, so it keeps the family organized too.

If the child is older, you can make a list of the beginning, middle and end event rather than making a whole story. Now that my son is older, sometimes we just say the same thing a few times, just to cue him in.