Craft Project With Kids

Craft Project With Kids

Every season we try to think of an Arts and Crafts project that the kids will really like. One of the best we ever made for older children was called a "glitter globe".

It is made with an old ice tea bottle or soda bottle with a lid or a small wine bottle with a cork. Mix three-quarters cup light Karo syrup and one-quarter cup water. Sometimes we paint the cork or lid a gold or metallic color. When you mix the syrup and water together you can add a little bit of food coloring: light or dark color, whatever you like. We add confetti and glitter and any kind of little objects the kids may find around the house. When you shake it, it is so pretty and the kids are fascinated with it for hours.

We try to add things based on the season. If it's winter, we'll add snowflake glitter. If it's summer, we'll add seashells and other summer themes.

In our family we are really clear about the parents always being involved so they can supervise what is going into the globe. My kids love to give these as gift to their teachers also.

NOTE: This is a project using many little objects, so it's best for older children. Always supervise young children and toddlers to ensure there is no risk of choking or swallowing small objects.