Saving And Using Kids' Artwork

Saving And Using Kids' Artwork

What do we do with all the artwork that our preschoolers bring home? I think there are so many different ways that we can honor that, things that I used to do with my own children and ideas I have gotten from parents at my preschool.

One idea is to create a revolving gallery. You can buy inexpensive acrylic frames and have one wall where all the artwork goes, which lets the children contribute to the decoration of your home. You can also use drawings and paintings for gift-wrap. Friends and family will love to get a gift that is wrapped beautifully with something that is so unique.

Another idea might be to use the backs of those drawings and paintings to write letters to friends and family that live far away. So it's a double gift to them to get the message and the beautiful artwork on the back.

One thing that I have done for the families in my preschool is to have the children do paintings on a specific size piece of paper and then I've gone to the frame store and gotten the recycled matting which comes in beautiful colors. Mounting the artwork with the matting, then putting a small 1" x 3" calendar at the bottom, creates a gift that lasts for the entire year.

For a memorable keepsake, I have a big portfolio that's 20 x 26 inches, which can hold my children's largest artwork. I have one for each of my children and I have kept the things that were most meaningful to them and to me, and we've been able to pull that out over the years and look through it again.