Tips For Beginning Music Students

Tips For Beginning Music Students

I have several ideas about young children and music.

First, you have to show enthusiasm for music yourself. And if you play and instrument, you need to practice it often so your child will get the idea that this is what one does. It's good to go to a library or a music store and get recordings and attend concerts, just to show the child that this is a wonderful, delightful thing.

Secondly, when it comes to choosing an instrument, a child might not stick forever with the first instrument he or she chooses. So, it might take a couple of instruments before the child finds a good match. You have to be a little flexible and willing to switch if they don't love the instrument they started out with.

Practice has to be regular. It doesn't have to be long, but it should be every day. If you can find a time when the child is relaxed physically and mentally, such as early evening after a bath, you can make it a regular thing. I usually give my kids a drink or a snack before the practice, and then they don't have any excuse to run off and interrupt the session.

Practice should last for as long as the child is willing to tolerate it. A little child is not going to practice for a half hour, maybe five or ten minutes is fun. I found that you should praise the child frequently as you go along. Make a little chart that shows that they've done something five or ten times in the course of a week, then the child can take the chart at the end of the week and turn it in for an ice cream cone reward.

By starting small and building, and rewarding for those things that the child can do, it goes a lot smoother. Children will work more willingly, when they see rewards!