Create Craft Box For Wintertime Blues

Create Craft Box For Wintertime Blues

I had to think of things to keep my kids happy during the winter-time on dreary days when they can't go outside and play.

I collect craft supplies all the time and when there's a boring, winter day, I take out the box and the kids dig in and pick and choose what they want to create. They use their imaginations and their creativity to make whatever they want.

I can supervise the kids while they play, but don't have to give them a lot of directions, so I can be making dinner in the kitchen while they're working on their creations.

You can collect things like egg cartons, paper towel rolls, ribbons and fabric for your craft box. You keep adding to the box so everything is different every time they open it.

Because as they grown older their interests change, they will create different things… like a doll house, instead of just a collage.