Potty Training

I've been potty training my son for a couple of weeks now, and it was suggested to me to keep in the bathroom a stack of my child's favorite books to keep him interested in the process. My son has so many books and he gets read to throughout the day, so it was not an extra special treat, it was just kind of normal for him.

I decided to put several issues of my Readers Digest magazines in the bathroom for him, and it's perfect because it's a small size that he can manage and it really makes him feel like a "big boy" because he knows that magazines are for adults. He loves flipping through and looking for pictures of animals, and kids on bikes, and he really enjoys the hunt for small, fun pictures.

It keeps him interested, focused, and it keeps him in the bathroom. So giving him his own magazine rack in the bathroom has worked well for us during the potty training process.