Pacifier Tip

Pacifier Tip

My son had his pacifier ever since we brought him home from the hospital as a newborn and he was very attached to it. When he went through teething, he became even more attached to it. I never had seen a problem with children having comfort objects, I think they have a place in a little child's world, but in moderation.

My son was not taking his pacifier out of his mouth to talk, and as he started developing a vocabulary it was very hard to understand him. He wouldn't take the pacifier out of his mouth even when I was trying to have his picture made at the mall. I knew I had to start weaning him off of this, but I wasn't sure where to begin.

My friend suggested having a "throwing away ceremony", but I wasn't interested in totally doing away with it. Other people suggested that I cut off the end of the pacifier and pierce a little hole in it, but my son did not fall for that and got very upset. One morning when I was getting him out of the crib I said "David, from now on paci stays in the crib, that's where he lives, and if you want paci, you have to stay in the crib, and if you want out of the crib, you have to say bye-bye to paci."

For several days I repeated this rule. If he wanted out of the crib he'd say "all done" and I would tell him to say bye-bye to paci. If he asked for it during the day, I would tell him he had to go in the crib and after a while he would get bored and want to get out, but he didn't want to leave it, and I would tell him to give it to teddy to watch over it while he was away.

This has become a good incentive for bedtime because he knows he'll have his "paci" and he looks forward to it.