Encouraging Responsibilities With Your Child

I'm a "stay-at home" mom, and my son kept telling me that he did not want to go to school. He didn't even want to turn 4 years old, because he knew that's when he would have to start school. The first day of school went relatively well, I had to go into the classroom and stay a few minutes, but that night he told me to ask his teacher if he could never go to school again.

The second day I again had to go into the classroom, then gave the 3 minute warning that I would be leaving. He was very upset and began to cry, which made leaving especially hard for me too. Out of desperation, I decided we would create a "bravery chest" which has worked wonders for us. This is a small tote filled with small, inexpensive, second-hand toys that he adores. For every day that he goes to school bravely by himself, when he comes home he gets to choose a toy from the chest.

This has worked every day since we had that terrible day. His teacher said he is doing very well in school now and he is having fun, so we are just thrilled. He has really learned to socialize with the other children and looks forward to being with them at school.