Preschooler Dressing Herself

My middle child, now 4 years old, has wanted to dress herself, just like her big sister. We were thrilled that she wanted to dress herself, but not always on our schedule or in clothes that I would have chosen for her. So we had a real conflict and needed to put some boundaries around this.

We organized her dresser so that her panties and socks were in one area and her play-clothes were in a second drawer, both of which she could get into on her own. By letting her choose clothes from a particular drawer, I had a little control over her choices without having to battle every single day. So at the end of each season, I put those clothes away and replace them with the clothes appropriate for the next season.

By limiting her choices, things move a lot smoother in the morning. If she gets dressed on her own without my interference, she can wear whatever she wants out of those drawers. She loves this plan. We try to give our children freedom and choices within boundaries.