Learning Pre-Reading and Math Skills

Here are some great ideas for helping young children learn during the pre-reading and early math years.

One thing I realized when raising children is that they are natural learners. Sometimes parents should let children learn things on their own a little bit, instead of thinking that we have to always be the one who teaches them. Through that process I stumbled on a few things.

One day at a discount market I bought some of those plastic, magnetic letters and when the kids were outside playing, I put them all over the refrigerator. About an hour later my 4 year old daughter came in and asked what the letters were and I simply told her I bought them because I thought they were pretty.

She began arranging them all in patterns by colors, which I thought was interesting. By the end of the day, she was spelling words. Of course they didn't really spell a word, but I would sound them out the best I could and this led to her learning to spell about 30 - 40 common words that she can spell now simply by doing this process.

The same thing happened with the number chart. I put one up in the island of my kitchen and before long the kids were counting to 100…then writing their numbers out and learning their numbers.

The most important thing is to be sure these things are in a visible area… a common area where the children are going to get that interaction and dialogue with someone else which will help them learn.