Fun With Language

 noticed when my son came home from preschool and I asked him "How was school today?" he would just say "fine" or "good" and that was it. So I decided since boys had trouble articulating their feelings, that I would come up with a fun way to get him to enhance his language skills.

I would start with a more specific question, like "what was your teacher wearing today?" and he would say a "red shirt and blue pants" which was a good start for a more detailed answer. Then I would ask him "who did you play with today and what happened" and he would say "I played with Tommy and he didn't share his trucks with me." And I would say "well, how did that feel" and David would say "I didn't like it."

I would look up words with him that might express the feelings that he had. For example, happy, sad, mad or glad and then I would repeat those words and ask him to pick one word from that group about how he felt when Tommy took his truck? So he would pick one of those words and then we would expand on that and look up in a thesaurus another word for "mad" like angry, ferocious, irate or hurt.

I like to pick experiences with David that evoke an emotional response. For example, if he's trying a new vegetable I might ask "what does that taste like" and we would good through words like bitter, salty or sweet. One day he said "Mommy, I loathe lima beans." If you connect a word to an emotional experience, it is a lot more fun, particularly with boys since they seem to have trouble sometimes describing how they feel in words.