Morning Routine With Preschoolers

Here are some tips to help parents with preschoolers get organized and keep things calm in the morning.

One of the very first things is to plan for the next morning, the night before by allowing the children to have choices about what outfits they are going to wear and get that secure and in place, all the way down to the socks, shoes, and hair accessories, so they know exactly where everything is the night before. Have them wake up a little earlier than needed so they can figure out what they are going to be eating.

I feel "music" is very important, so putting on their favorite music in the background is an excellent aide in getting them in a good mood. This is something that they can connect to and feel it's cheerful and music brings the scenario into a more fun environment as opposed to rushing.

Other trouble spots might be to change your own tone of voice and your own attitude in the morning. If you greet them with a happy, calm voice in the morning, this instills joy in their attitude as well.