Preschoolers Picking up Toys

Almost all preschoolers seem to be a little messy and because they are so young, it's hard to teach them to be responsible. My wife and I have come up with something that we call "the Gunny Bag" that will eat the toys or clothes that are not put away and are left lying around on our kid's bedroom floor.

We made the Gunny Bag from an old laundry bag and sewed eyes, a nose and a mouth on it. When we see that the kids haven't put away their toys, we don't lecture them about being tidy; we just say "I think Gunny Bag's coming" and they go running around and put all their toys and clothes away so there's nothing for Gunny to eat.

However, if there's a toy still lying around, Gunny Bag will eat it. The kids get a second chance though, because on Saturday, Gunny brings it back. But if Gunny Bag eats the same toy twice…the toy just might end up at the Goodwill store.

This has been good training for our kids to see how nice it feels to be responsible and it gives us a chance to praise them for cleaning up their room!