Pen Pal Parents

My 6 year old daughter thinks it is pretty neat to get mail, so I try to write her a letter at least once a month. I write all the good things we did that month and itemize all the things that made me proud of her: For example, being kind to her brother or other things that I forgot to compliment her on at the time. Then, I mail it; she receives it, and is always excited when she gets mail. 

As a full-time working mom, sometimes I don't always get the opportunity to tell her the things that make me proud of her. So these letters will be a lovely collection for her to keep forever.

(As soon as my son can read, I plan to send him the same kind of letters.)

Sometimes, my daughter writes me letters. For example, if I'm at work and she has something to tell me, she'll write it down. Or if I'm on the phone and she doesn't want to lose her thought, she'll write it down. She's getting the hang of jotting down notes as a way of communicating among the family members.

I'm hoping in the future it will help her if she has a problem talking about something, maybe she will write me about it. I need to sit down with her list of friends and write their addresses so she can start writing to them.